Client Focus

Candor Family Office offers the advice and services through one point of contact being the clients Private CFO. The Private CFO is the client’s ‘point person’ to manage their entire financial affairs. We are an aligned advocate who “sits on the same side of the table” as our clients so they can focus on what is important to them.

Candor Family Office has several Private CFOs who are specialists in managing the financial affairs of senior executives and entrepreneurs.

Senior executives

Senior executives can accumulate significant wealth during their careers. This wealth is often accrued through large annual performance rewards that can include complex financial instruments such as stock options and deferred stock. The complex nature of the financial positions held by a senior executive makes it valuable to establish an outsourced arrangement to manage their financial affairs. Outsourcing their financial affairs to a Private CFO provides the executive with time to focus on balancing their hectic work commitments with their family responsibilities as well as other opportunities and interests. Candor Family Office is a leading specialist in Australia in advising senior executives of domestic and global companies.

Wealthy families often comprise of entrepreneurs who have built successful businesses. Many business owners realise the strain on the family and the business that comes from managing their family wealth within their existing business infrastructure. Candor Family Office provides a trusted partner to preserve, protect and grow the family wealth so that the entrepreneur is freed up to focus on operating their successful business.