Candor Family Office understands that wealthy individuals and their families have unique requirements to manage their financial affairs relative to what they would receive from a traditional advisory practice. Our clients receive a range of services that enable them to fully outsource their financial management whilst always retaining complete control over how this service is conducted as well as how it evolves over time as their requirements change.

As Private CFOs, we deliver a distinctive array of capabilities that fit well with the requirements of wealthy individuals and their families. Examples of these capabilities include:

Deal structuring
The internal expertise within Candor Family Office to structure and advise on a range of investments including listed equity, mezzanine debt, property, private equity and tailored equity structures

Independent specialist network
We are not tied in any way to external specialists and have an extensive network of best-of-breed global specialists to assist our clients

Negotiating terms for all client activities with their external specialists to deliver an attractive outcome for both parties

Due diligence
In-depth research of investments to identify potential strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to increase the chance of our clients only investing in compelling investments whilst reducing the probability of loss of capital. In addition we use this process to ensure the suitability of investments in relation to our clients’ individual circumstances and objectives

Business and succession planning
Devise solutions to manage business transition and succession planning

Management accounting & cash flow management
Deliver comprehensive management accounts as well as cash flow and liquidity management solutions

Financial & risk management
Provide ongoing detailed financial and investment risk management analysis on all activities of our clients financial affairs