How Can We Help You?

Wealthy individuals and their families typically lead very busy lives. As financial rewards increase, there is an increasing amount of time spent interacting with different financial professionals who provide services including the management of their business, investment, tax, legal, cash flow, banking, funding, estate planning, succession and risk affairs. The time and effort to manage and co-ordinate these activities results in less time to enjoy the benefits of wealth – often the impact of this is that wealth can become a burden.

Each individual and their family has unique preferences and requirements that often extend across a range of entities and activities. Careful consideration must be given to ensure the management of the families wealth operates in concert with these preferences and requirements.

Our clients value the services of a Private CFO to help co-ordinate the management of their overall financial affairs and achieve their desired objectives.

Candor Family Office brings together an experienced team to provide you with:

  • objective, aligned and independent financial advice
  • analysis of potential investments and debt facilities
  • negotiation of terms and conditions of potential investments and debt facilities
  • creative solutions to financial issues
  • liquidity, funding and cash flow management services
  • co-ordination and delivery of carefully selected and trusted specialists across investment management, tax, legal, risk management, estate planning and philanthropic services
  • management accounting, bill payment and administration services
  • customised integrated reporting on the family’s entire activities
  • family governance and generational planning